Field Tips Help


This is the entry page for the field tips section and gives a brief overview of the facilities.


Selecting this option will allow you to enter field tips for use on the site. The first page shown after selecting this option is for selecting the species that the field tip is for. Enter a Bradley & Fletcher code, a name or partial name here, either scientific or vernacular and then click the 'Find species name' button. If more than one species matches the name entered then a list of matches will be displayed and one of these should be selected. Click on the 'Select chosen species' button.

Having selected a species the main field tip form is displayed. The top part contains four picklists where you can specify time of year, foodplant, taxon stage and habitat appropriate for the field tip. All but the taxon stage picklist support selection of multiple values.

The two text boxes following allow entry of the field tip and any further detail. After that just fill in your name and email address and click the 'Save field tip' button. The field tip entered will appear in the 'Recent entries' search if successful.

Currently, the site does not openly support the uploading of images. If you would like to provide some photographs to go along with some of the field tips then please get in touch - Tony Prichard


There are various ways in which field tips can be searched for and they are listed in the 'Search' sub-menu on the left.


Selecting the Search menu option will display the search. Field tips can currently be searched for by specifying the following types of information: time of year, species names, species stages and foodplants. These are all displayed using the standard picklist features in web pages and multiple selections are allowed (try holding the Shift or Ctrl key down while selecting multiple items in the picklist).

Simply select the criteria you are interested in and press the 'Search for field tips' button at the bottom. At least one selection must be made but you do not have to make a selection from each of the picklists.

If no field tips match your selected criteria then an appropriate message will be displayed. If some field tips are found matching your search criteria then these will be displayed in a tabular format and show the field tip summary. From here you can now browse through the field tips. See Browing field tip summaries for more information on this.

Current tips

Selecting this option will display a list of field tips that apply to the current time of year.

Recent entries

Selecting this option from the menu will display a list of field tips that have recently been entered into the database, if any

Recent images

Selecting this option from the menu will display a list of field tips where images have recently been associated with a field tip, if any

Recent comments

Selecting this option from the menu will display a list of field tips where comments have been recently added, if any.

Browsing field tip summaries

The results of all the searches are displayed in the same manner with a table of field tips matching the search criteria. The behaviour is the same when browsing no matter how the field tips were found.

At the top of the page is a page navigation area. This allows navigation between pages of field tip summaries if there are more field tips to be shown than will fit on the page. The number of field tip summaries displayed per page can be changed using the drop-down menu on the right of the page navigation area. The ordering of the field tips can also be changed using the drop-down menu shown in this area. Clicking on the numbered buttons or arrows will display the appropriate page.

Under the page navigation area is the field tip summary table. Against each row on the left-hand side of the table are a magnifying glass icon and a checkbox. Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the field tip details for that row. The checkboxes are present so that individual field tips can be selected. Once selected then the 'Hide selected' link at the top of the table can be selected to remove them from view. The 'Toggle All' link will alternate between selecting all tips and de-selecting all tips for this page. The 'Show all' link will re-display those field tips that were previously hidden following a search.

The columns of the table are reasonably self-explanatory. Columns on the right of the table give an indication of its ranking (a star icon with different levels of filling in) and also whether there are images associated with the field tip (present if there is a camera icon).

Field tip details

Field tip detail pages show all the information relating to a field tip including any comments and photographs related to the field tip.

The 'Current tip' sub-menu on the left offers options for individual tips to be ranked and for the addition of comments to that field tip. This sub-menu also provides an option to search for field tips for the same species as the current tip.

Last modified: 20 January 2009